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Lage diameter paper core cutting machine

  • Model No.:CG LDCM
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
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CAN GO COMPANY big core cutter


  • Product Type:Facial Machine,Paper Core Machine,Toilet Tissue
  • Type:Auto Cutter,Cutting Machine,Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine,Slitter & Rewinder,Winding Machine

Key Features

CAN GO COMPANY Large diameter  Paper tube Cutting machine, excellent good quality machine for coil slitter line are good helper.

Jumbo paper core cutter, Multi diameter paper core recutter, Easy Big paper core recutter,, Big diameter paper core recutter,Thick wall paper core cutting machine. Safe and easy, auto cutting from orders,one machine for many size cutting without to change dies, multi diameter cores cutting on one same machine. No needs to change parts, no needs to change dies, molds, shaft, parts, cutter, no needs to adjust. In Efficient Silent Dust Free cutting operation by servo drive, motion on linear motion table slides, motion by high precision ball screw transmission. Beautiful cutting edge, neat clean good quality only one quality machine.

Working size: 4’ four feet, 5’ five feet

Objects: spiral paper core, or parallel rewind paper core tubes, convolute paper core One machine for all sizes: within 230 mm-700 mmdiameter,9”-28”diameter.

Five Free: Dusts Free ,Burr Free, Tools Free, Parts Free,Trouble Free.

Main Export Market

Africa ,Asia ,Central America ,Middle East ,North America ,Other ,South America

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets