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Professional machine maker of CAN GO COMPANY LTD.:
Tissue paper machine line:
facial tissue machine, tissue paper log compressing machine, paper box packing machine, plastic film tissue paper wrapper, wet tissue,wet napkin,wet towel machine,core cutter, Big core recutter, auto cutter slitting rewinder, paper slitting , .
Foods Service_Food Packing Machine:
film rewinder ,foil roll rewinder, foil tray,foil plate,foil container. Bakery cup,Paper cup machine, Paper plate,Paper tray machine, To Go Food pail,take away pail, take out box machine, Chinese take out box machines
All paper making and Packaging Machines

new one Core Cutting Machine , Safe and easy, Dusts Free.
Easy Big paper core recutter,
Master Paper Core Cutting machine,
Big diameter thick wall paper core cutting machine

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